Courier Tracking Mobile App

This page provides some information regarding the admin panel for the courier tracking application. You can test the Courier Tracking Application by contacting us, requesting a demo account, and following the steps below:

Two key sections make up the courier tracking application.
-Admin Panel
-Mobile Application (iOS + Android)

The following attributes are present in the admin panel:

  1. User Management, Role Management and Status Management
    1. User management
    2. Role management of the individuals who will use the system
    3. Management of the statuses you’ll use to track business processes
  2. Service Management and Categories
    1. Services You Provide. You select a service that you have previously defined in this field when creating a work order. Services can be grouped by tag and category.
  3. Product Management and Stock
    1. In this field, you can define your Products and Stocks, and add related products while creating a service receipt. Additionally, the stock drop option allows you to leave your warehouse swiftly.
    2. You can keep track of the product lifetimes in your stock as well as the lifetimes on the service receipts they are utilized in thanks to durable material management. You may monitor these long-lasting materials and get reminders through SMS, email, and system notifications.
  4. Current Management
    1. This area allows you to save all of your customer’s information and provides access to their previous service invoices.
  5. Package Management and Build Job
    1. On this screen, you can assign a job to your couriers that you have defined before, select a product or service while assigning a job, choose a current account and define a special discount for that transaction. You can also select a Post-Date job. A notification will be sent to the relevant courier and it will be displayed on the My Tasks screen in the mobile application.
  6. Location Tracking
    1. This page allows you to track your field team in real time. On this screen, you can see the whereabouts of your couriers as well as the specifics of the defined jobs.
  7. Reporting
    1. You can obtain report outputs related to the products, services, current accounts and jobs you have created in the system by using a variety of parameters.

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What is the content of our product?

Courier Application Thanks to the Courier application, the couriers registered in the system can easily follow the tasks assigned to them and complete the work quickly. Manager App Thanks to the Manager Application, courier movements and business details can be easily defined and tracked.

rast mobile
rast mobile

Web Application

The web application makes it easy to define and track courier movements and company information.

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rast mobile