Jury And Competition Software

Jury and Competition software Open-source, ready to use for different kinds of Competitions. There are multiple modules in it and it helps you to organize your competition and helps you to keep steady and tight.

Modules of Jury and Competition Software:

  • Assigning Jury to the specific criteria/category
  • All Jury accounts can create from the admin panel and can assign to specific categories.
  • Managing Multiple Competition with Different Criteria set & User and Jury
  • Multiple Sessions
  • Helps you to create different Sessions in the same competition.
  • Appointment Management
  • Helps you to organize the schedule of the competition.
  • Application Management
  • Reject / Approve / Elimination
  • Rewards Management
  • Specific rewards
  • Member / Team Management
  • Detailed Reports

rast mobile

End-to-End Jury and Competition Software Solution

Our competition software is entirely fitted by mobile devices. And for contestants and juries, we have mobile applications.

What's in our product content

All contestants can apply on the system for different categories with the media content. Application forms can be managed dynamically.

rast mobile

rast mobile
rast mobile
rast mobile
rast mobile

Web - Admin Panel

Manage the whole process of the Competition!