Technician App

You can use this Android and iOS device-compatible Technician application to conduct your field operations.

The technician app is integrated into various ERP and CRMs.

You may assign tasks to your field professionals using this mobile application, and they can follow the work and job specifics through the mobile application and complete the installation and maintenance procedures.

You may separate your teams operating in the field into relevant user groups and provide them access to only the work that is pertinent to them thanks to the features in the Technician mobile application, which helps to automate manual operations while improving job efficiency.

To view a demo of our Android and iOS applications and for more information You can contact us.

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Major Modules

  • Route calculation & Call Module
  • Daily Work & Maintenance & Installation tracking
  • Sales & New Business Module
  • Stock Product Use
  • Stock Management
  • Technician application has been developed mainly for 3 main users.

  • Seller - Collection
  • Storekeeper
  • Technician
  • rast mobile