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Courier Tracking Application
and Admin Panel

We design and develop web and mobile applications for our clients.

our four step process

Admin Panel

Through the admin panel, courier movements and job details can be easily defined and tracked.


Control user access, define roles, and manage status updates seamlessly. Our comprehensive tools ensure that your team operates efficiently and effectively.

Streamline your services and classify them into categories for better organization. Manage your offerings to enhance customer experience and operational flow.

Keep track of your products and inventory levels with our intuitive management system. Ensure accurate stock data for timely order fulfillment.

Manage your financial interactions effortlessly. Monitor transactions, balance sheets, and financial statements to maintain a healthy business account.

From parcel intake to task assignment, our system simplifies package management and enhances delivery efficiency through effective task creation.

Stay updated with real-time location tracking of shipments. Ensure timely deliveries and provide customers with accurate ETA for better service satisfaction.

Generate insightful reports for a comprehensive view of your operations. Use data-driven analytics to make informed decisions and improve service quality.

The application offers you the following

The courier tracking application comprises two main modules.

our four step process

What does our product content include?

Through the Courier Application, registered couriers can conveniently monitor the tasks assigned to them within the system and swiftly accomplish their duties.

Web Application

Through the web application, courier movements and job details can be swiftly defined and monitored.

Courier Tracking Application

You can test the Courier Tracking Application by contacting us, requesting a demo account, and following the steps below:

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